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Animal welfare issue.

Reported anonymously at 09:22, Friday 11 January 2019

To the right hand side of the new Traveller specific housing at St Aidans halting site someone - a council tenant I presume has begun to store sulkies, carts and other horse equipment. In addition to this to the front of the row of new houses adjacent to the older Traveller specific housing there are 2 horse trailers, right beside the location of a persistent bonfire. This morning and yesterday at rush hour there was an individual driving a sulkie, this is something that I believe is illegal now and an activity that I can say with authority the vast majority of people locally do not want to deal with ever, not to mention the associated animal welfare issues. Someone, a council tenant at this location is responsible for this, this is in breach of tenancy agreements I'm sure particularly keeping horses in an unsuitable and dangerous location. Please address this and respond in a timely manner. This area cannot be allowed to deteriorate to the level it was once allowed to by the council.